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The Corran Resort And Spa Offering 10% Yearly Returns


United Kingdom

The Corran Resort and Spa offers fixed rate returns of 10% NET PA from years 1-10 rising to 15% NET years 11-15 plus offering an assured resale of 125% after year 5, rising to 150%  in a glorious rural setting. With luxury suites and facilities to match, including a spa and fine dining restaurant, it’s no wonder the resorts success has resulted in profits for owners.


The Corran Resort and Spa offers the safety of an operating hotel and a deal almost unrivalled in today’s UK property market.


The first 21 suites of the hotel successfully sold out in early 2013. Phase 2 is now underway and will be created to the same exceptionally high calibre synonymous with phase 1. The additional 28 brand new suites will be absolutely stunning, each with a unique identity. These expansion plans have come to fruition following a hugely successful period, which have included visitor numbers increasing by over 700% in a year, buyers receiving over £1,000,000 in total rental returns in just over a year and a huge increase in wedding bookings at the resort. All these factors mean that The resort represents a fantastic opportunity for buyers looking for a truly unique, profitable addition to their portfolio.


The Corran Resort and Spa's 5 star luxurious boutique suites are proving themselves as fantastic property purchases. Existing owners are already receiving excellent rental returns. New purchasers at This Resort & Spa can take advantage of this too with the high NET rental return options which go far as 15 years post purchase. Fixed rates of return are 10% NET PA from years 1-10 rising to 15% NET years 11-15.


The developer has such confidence that this property will continue to succeed that they are offering an assured resale of 125% after year 5, rising to 150% of the price that you paid for it after year 15.


Customers can also sell their property on the open market, typically for far greater capital returns.

Property Features

  • Up to 150% assured resale
  • Up to 10% fixed returns
  • Own from just £17,000
  • Successful luxury hotel
  • The Lifestyle
  • 28 luxurious existing rooms
  • New renovation underway
  • Luxury spa and swimming pool
  • Dedicated food, rest and relaxation resort